One Frog Eating More Than Another

One Frog Eating More Than Another

African Dwarf Frogs are known to typically have poor eyesight - and tend to be bottom feeders.  The pellets are created so that they will sink.

On occasion, one frog may have a keener sense than the other.

We recommend adding an additional day of feeding - feed three times a week, two pellets per frog.  If you still see one eating more than the other, add up to 6 pellets in per feeding (instead of the 4 pellets per feeding in our instructions).  Six pellets will not disrupt the chemistry of the BioSphere.  This should allow for extra for your second frog.  These pellets are high-protein - and optimized for frogs!  It only takes one pellet to provide sustenance for African Dwarf Frogs.  Watch for any uneaten food.  Please remove it with a turkey baster (water extraction tool) after 24 hours.

Like most critters, frogs grow differently.  Some wider, thinner, thicker, longer.  It is easy to assume that a "larger" frog is eating more than his/her BioSphere mate.

If one frog is truly lacking adequate nutrition, he/she will regularly nibble at the other frog.  

Our frogs do like the occasional treat!  On a non-pellet feeding day, live Black Worms (NOT BLOOD WORMS), Frozen Brine Shrimp, or Frozen Mysis Shrimp are great treats for the frogs.  Take the frozen cube and drop in 1/4 of the cube.  Save the rest in the freezer for the next treat!

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