Moving Your Frogs to an Alternate Tank

Moving Your Frogs to an Alternate Tank

Perhaps you'd like to move your frogs into a larger tank - outside of our BioSphere.

Froggy's BioSpheres use bio-activated sand to create a filter-less environment.  Our research has tested the bio-active sand up to 1-gallon tank size with African Dwarf Frogs as the only inhabitant.  Our living sand is mixed with the healthy bacteria that is necessary for any aquatic animal.  

We offer our BioActive sand for purchase but do not guarantee that your new environment will be able to sustain the filter-less feature of our BioSphere.  The plant in the BioSphere is also an important component as it processes the Nitrates as part of the aquatic nitrogen cycle.  You will need to add live, aquatic plants to perform this step.

If you add additional aquatic animals into your new tank, that will also affect the ability of the bio-active sand and plants to stabilize your tank.

For the safety of the frogs (and other possible inhabitants), we generally recommend that you install a sponge filter system for your non-BioSphere tank.

When using our bio-active sand outside of our BioSphere, you should test the chemicals (ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate) in the tank every two days for at least two weeks.  The chemicals will each spike for a few days as the tank stabilizes.  If after two weeks, the chemicals do not stabilize, you will need to use traditional aquarium practices/products to assist in stabilization often referred to cycling your tank.  

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