Gallon BioSphere Light Instructions and Issues

Gallon BioSphere Light Instructions and Issues


The ASZEL4 LED is powered by either 3 AAA batteries (purchased separately) or by the AQ51000 Power Supply (also purchased separately).  This LED has 7 different colors and 4 different combination settings.  This LED also has a timer selection (slide) switch which simplifies the timer operation.  Please follow the instructions below on how to set your LED color of choice or activate or de-activate the timer.

The LARGE blue button controls the colors and combination settings.  Each consecutive press of the button changes the color or setting.  There are 11 choices plus an off position.  Colors of choice are:  white, blue, green, red, turquoise, violet, and yellow.  There are 2 auto-switching color settings:  1 white light fade in and our and 1 sequential color fade into the next setting.
If at any time you wish to turn the light off, press and hold the blue button for 1-2 seconds.

The SLIDE switch for the timer
Note:  the LED light will stay on unless one of the times switch settings is activated.  
There are 3 switch settings:
      4H (4 Hour Duration)- switch setting slide left
      2H (2 Hour Duration)- switch setting slide in the center
      0H (Timer Off-LED Stays On) - switch setting slide right

The Timer Setting will repeat every 24 hours until the until is turned off or the power supply is disconnected or the batteries are drained of enough power to support the system.  This allows you to set the timer at a particular time of day- for example, 8:00pm, and the light turns on at 8:00pm every day to the length of time you set your timer for (2 or 4 hours).  You must physically turn the light on at the time of day desired and when this is activated, the unit will come on and then turn off at that time of each subsequent day until the unit is turned off or the power supply is removed.  
To fully utilize this feature, we highly recommend attaining the appropriate power supply listed above and using it rather than batteries.

If this component does not function properly, or you are unsure of the operation,
For help or comments:  

Warning:  Do not mix new and old batteries.  Do not mix Alkaline, Standard and rechargeable batteries.  

A Micro USB cord will also work.  

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