BioSphere Size

BioSphere Size

We are regularly asked about our BioSphere sizes for these crazy, amazing critters!  We love these frogs and appreciate folks' concerns about their care and habitat.

African Dwarf Frogs are Amphibians - not Fish.  Many folks (and web sites) reference habitat sizes based on fish.  Like many things on the Internet, we recommend checking the source of the article.  Does the author reference where they got their information?

As one of the leading caretakers of African Dwarf Frogs, we actively participate in the frog community and lean on experts for advice - which sometimes changes as new research becomes available.

Our BioSpheres are not your typical habit.  Highly-engineered, these BioSpheres are approved by Exotic Pet Veterinarians as well as state, federal and international Animal Inspectors.

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