Are My Frogs Male or Female?

Are My Frogs Male or Female?

We do not separate out the males and the females so you could potentially have both in a tank.  Often, the frogs do not start showing signs of gender until about 9 months of age (your frogs are approximately 6 months old when shipped to the retail store).  

The males will be easiest to identify with a white or flesh-colored gland on the side of their bodies under their front legs.  Please note: that the size of the gland can vary in size. The males also tend to be smaller, and skinnier than the females.  The females tend to be larger and are wider through the hips.

While we may have mating behavior and could potentially see eggs, the biosphere is not designed to support the development of the eggs.  They will either be eaten by the frogs or absorbed back into the system. 

If you want babies, you will need to remove the eggs and set up a breeder-type container for the tadpoles.  If you do not want babies, leave the eggs alone and let nature take its course

These are examples of the gland on the side of the male African Dwarf Frog.

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